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Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for the confidence you have placed in
Schulze products in the past.

I hope that in recent years, I had been able to keep the value of
your equipment by my service activities.

In November 2017, I finished my service.

Your Matthias Schulze
Dear Customers,

I found a successor who will take over the service
activities for many Schulze products.

There will be NO service for example
the speed controllers (ESC)
the  future-shpa,
and others.

There will be also NO service for
the charger
asl 4.

(**) those ESC with the 1 mm thick-copper-layer in the middle of the
printed circuit board

Your new contact address is:

There you will learn how to proceed in a service case.
Please note, that a contact with the service department
exclusively can be established
via this e-mail address (not by phone)!

Important note:
From July 2018 there will be no no possibility to
download any firmware for schulze devices.

It is best to check immediately whether
your device has the latest firmware.
Also the new service partner is not allowed
to update any devices (from this date).

Your Matthias Schulze

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