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The LiPoCard 3 is the ideal combination of charger plus integrated balancing circuit.

In principle you can charge any Li-Polymer, Li-Ion or Li-Ferrite battery with up to four cells using the LiPoCard without the balancer socket. Lithium batteries with a conventional balancer socket can also be connected to the 5 pin connector of the LiPoCard.
If you use either of these methods it is essential to set the Schulze LiPoCard to the permissible charge current for the pack in question, and - if no balancer cable is connected - you must set the cell count (number of cells) manually by the two pushbuttons for reasons of safety.
To avoid having to reconfigure your Schulze LiPoCard separately for each battery, the LiPoCard features a quasi-automatic function: It is only necessary to connect your battery or the Schulze LiPoPerfekt battery pack via the Schulze-specific Balancing Cable (BalCab10). The LiPoCard automatically sets itself to the battery specific data.

The LiPoCard 3 is mounted in a very stylish case and contains in comparison to its predecessor additional safety features against wrong connections.

T h e "two in one" solution for you!

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Schulze LiPoCard 3 - Plastic case is identical to the LiPoCard-II
LiPoCard II

The idea behind the reverse polarity protecting connector system

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