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Highlights 1996

Our standard top products have again with dignity prove their value at the recent World Championship (held at Benesov near Prague) and at the Festival (F5A, F5B, F5D).

Top pilots successfully use standard series production schulze products!

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that more than half of all the participants were using schulze chargers. The share of European users is even larger. The Australian and Japanese teams use besides the isl 6 also the isl 8-936g chameleon h igh end for charging and maintenance of their batteries.

Our congratulations to the German F5D team (Pylon) on their outstanding first place!

The inside of the tent of the pylon pilots with „subscribed“ winning positions resembled a schulze - isl 8 shop display.
A striking view were the 7 cell battery packs vertically plugged into the isl 8 via directly soldered 4 mm gold plugs.
It is really a tremendous achievement that all charging outputs of the schulze chargers are protected against reverse polarity!

Our congratulations to the German F5B-team (course/gliding) on their fantastic top placement!

We congratulate Guntmar Rüb on his fourth place, with his series production Plettenberg brushless direct drive 370/30/A2 and also series production schulze three phase motor controller mcd99-45bo he managed to complete 36 courses - the same amount as the winner !
We are, of course, also obliged to pay credit to the design of the mcd 99 with its 18 Power Mosfets, reacting to the brute braking maneuvers of Guntmar's explosive way of instantaneously folding back the prop blades and hitting the fuselage, crea ting standing ovations from the animated spectators. Guntmar's flight approach with the close proximity to the gate took about 4-6 s of motor run time)
Also the Ex-World Champion Rudi Freudenthaler was able to achieve an outstanding fifth position by using the „duo“ Plettenberg Direct Drive 370/30/A2 (a sure warranty for no gear problems) in connection with the schulze mcd99.
An unforeseen application of an additional mcd99-45bo emerged due to the „replacement“ of a damaged controller of the Australien F5B team.

In the class F5A (aerobatics) we congratulate:

1st place of Lionel Mlinaric, France!
2nd place of Peter Lumpe, Germany!
3rd place of Dirk Menge, Germany!

It is certainly not by coincidence that all top pilots were using schulze (or schulze-manufactured Graupner) controllers.
We asked and received an answer: Others are talking about...
schulze controllers & regulators can precisely and dependable control motors of more than 1 Kilowatt power output at partial load conditions.
schulze controllers and regulators can safely handle motors at cell numbers and currents advertised in the operating instructions! ... and even more important:
At schulze you can buy exactly the same controllers & regulators which have been used by world champions:

Standard off-the-shelf products -
designed to win!

schulze products are designed with the intent to produce the highest application benefit and Published data is warranted!
This also is the reason why our warranty time on articles of own production amounts to a full year!

A life insurance for your equipment, where else can you find that today?

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