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Congratulations to Jörg Mrkwitschka.
He was the driver of the fastest model boat of the world.
Success for the JAG-team two times running.
The future speed controllers are the fastest even three times in a row.

2001: 89.3 mph = 143,7 km/h with schulze future-102Wo  
    2002: 102.4 mph = 164,8 km/h with future-32.170W prototype
2003: 120.7 mph = 194,25 km/h with schulze future-32.170W
Fast Electric Boating Forums
Record Run (video 5,9 MB).
and/or if not available - here (5,9 MB)
The future makes possible the highest RPMs...
... and of course our alpha-8 receiver took care of interference-free reception and precise steering.

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