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next-14-801 800 watts - on stock !

The V 2.13 is available !
for all types of the nextGeneration-II series
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nextGeneration nextGeneration nextGeneration nextGeneration-II

Favourable list prices
for future universal speed controllers
as well as all alpha and all delta receivers

Latest Products
Pocket Lithium Charger

LiPoCard 3
wave 2,4 GHz
2,4 GHz New type with long
antennas (295 mm)
2,4 GHz

Transmittes & Receivers available
Transmit-modules installation examples

Power Speed Controllers

future-l, -xl

in operation (Videos)

Low priced / especially low priced
future-universal controllers


drastically reduced
Low priced
alpha and delta receivers
alpha & delta delta-835w
drastically reduced

The reliability, power and efficiency of our products pays itself.
Therefore many competition pilots set on Schulze products.
Our successful top pilots present their equipment of 2008 - Link to section F8.
Guntmar Rüb - F5B
Wolf Fickenscher - F5B
Heiko Greiner- F5B
Alon Barak - F3N
Günther Mayr - F5D
Daniel Mayr - F5D
Gerhard Mayr - F3A
Manfred Greve - F3A
Bernd Beschorner - F3A

Dear fellow model builder,

We are pleased to offer you this exerpt of our catalog on the Internet.
Founded over 25 years ago, schulze elektronik gmbh has become Europes
premier designer and supplier of accessories for all kind of electric powered models.
You will find the accessory of your choice, from micro-processor controlled fast-chargers for Lead-Acid, Gel-Cell, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries as well as for Li-Io, Li-Po, Li-FePo4 batteries, to Lithium receiver batteries or Lithium transmitter batteries,
to what is probably the worlds most comprehensive program in speed controllers for electric motors from 25 Watts to 5.5 Kilowatts.

You will find the right motor for our speed controllers at the Plettenberg firm.
Please have a look on the Plettenberg-Motors Homepage under this address:
We also take part in the success of Lehner motors: Fa. Lehner Motoren Technik
Lehner was successful in the area of the fastest boats in the past years with our speed controllers.
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