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Dear fellow model builder,

We are proud to present our internet pages containing all of our rc-model accessoires.
Here you will find all sorts of chargers, electronic speed controllers and governors of which you can easily select the item that is just right for your applic ation.
The products we offer are technically highly advanced. They have been proven at several world championships and other contests. We started off as a supplier just for radio-controlled flight accessoires. Due to our own activities in various other rc-areas (helicopters, boats and cars), we were able to expand our product lines.
Innovative ideas in charger design are setting new standards in useability and technical capabilities. The high end charger isl 8-936g and the ecolader series as well as the isl 6 (only optional) and the nextGeneration series are capable of documenting actual and historical battery data if used with our winsoft (or a 32 bit successor of it: the Adlersoft), a WindowsTM software.

Innovative ideas also led to governor development. The "true" speed controllers are rpm-controllers for use in helicopters or aerobatic airpanes to keep motor revolutions constant. The european helicopter champion 1996, Jörg Rössner, used a schulze /Graupner governor! Innovative ideas in brushless three phase motion controllers produced the mcd99 controller/governor which was first revealed to the public at the world championship in Benesov (near Prague (Czech Republic) in August 1996.
The mcd99 is a universal controller and suited for normal airplanes and hotliners as well as helicopters and aerobatic planes in governor-mode or in cars or boats in forward/reverse mode. Innovative ideas in microprocessor controlled speed controllers for cars let us configure a lot of characteristics in the mcc55 and its predecessors by PC or Notebook in addition with an optional interface cable. Its water protected seal is a life insurance in itself when using off road. mcc-eagle ist the lightweight brother of the mcc55-90e. Its power, size, weight, low losses and its programming features are unique. Software carsoft can be used to program all mcc-... controllers, flysoft can be used to program mcd... and mcf... controllers by means of this interface cable. The software can read, manipulate and write back data to the microprocessor inside the c ontrollers and is easily installed on your PC/notebook.

If you know schulze, you will be surprised concerning the following:
It is obvious that all products we offer are confidentially free of any defects. That is why it can happen that not all of the features and data are printed in this catalog. We limited that to precise, real technical data.

In the meantime newer products had been develloped and had been very successful:
On the  F5B world championship 2006 in Romania our speed controllers ("future-18.200F", a special edition for this world championship) and chameleon chargers had been used from the following four pilots (printed in bold characters) pilots in the top ranking. We congratulate: 1st place Wolf Fickenscher, 2nd place Guntmar Rüb, 3rd place Heiko Greiner, 4th place Thomas Pils, 5th place Rudolf Feudenthaler.  

- Sensitive, smooth drive with all speed controllers by means of special design and high switching frequency.
- LEDs - as a setup help and function indicator - now replaced by several "beep"s.
- Power-On Reset.
- Undervoltage protection (radio priority circuit) - so that the BEC does not shut off before the motor stops.
- Overtemperature protection - which stops the motor and does not shut off the receiver function.
- 100% functional test of any product before shipment to you.
- Every product is from our own CAD-Development and completely “made in germany”.
- You can download carsoft and flysoft as well as the winsoft (or a 32 bit version of it: the Adlersoft) on the Internet.

your matthias schulze

Note: All schulze products are 100% dynamically tested, speed controllers with a Ni-Cd battery and a motor, chargers in combination with a battery and a PC. Should your device develop a problem, please send it to schulze or to the importer. Add a description of the problem. Be precise and exact, listing battery voltage and capacity, motor type, conditions of failure etc. A note saying „Don't Work“ is insufficient and may lead to wasted time in trouble shooting. Before returning the device for repair, please test it „one more time“ carefully. We will charge repair cost for a returned controller or charger which is found to be operating correctly whether it is in warranty or not.

One more note: Do not try to troubleshoot a defective unit yourself; very few hobby shops are equipped to analyze and repair SMT (surface mount technology) printed circuit boards. We reserve the right to refuse repair to units which have been altered or „improved“ by unauthorized so-called experts. Again, if you ever have a problem with one of our products, please send it directly to schulze or to its authorized representative (see worldwide dealer network). This way, you can be sure that the proper replacement parts will be used and that you, again, will have maximum pleasure from using these products, and carry a renewed warranty following the repair.

Refer to general conditions of business.

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