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Right of Cancellation

Extract from the
General Terms of Sale and Supply (AGB)
of firm Matthias Schulze

Matthias Schulze, Dipl.Ing. (graduaded engineer)
Prenzlauer Weg 6
64331 Weiterstadt

E-Mail: service[at]matthias-schulze-elektronik.de

II. 4.     Right of Cancellation

Right of Cancellation

You are entitled to cancel your declaration of contract within a period of two weeks, without stating your reasons, either in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the goods. The cancellation period commences on the day after receipt of the instruction, if at this time you have received the requisite information in accordance with mail order law, and if we have fulfilled all obligations for electronic business transactions. Where goods are supplied, the period does not commence until the day after receipt of the goods, if at this time you have received the instruction and if we have fulfilled the aforementioned obligations. To observe the period all you have to do is despatch the notice of cancellation or the goods promptly. The cancellation should be sent to: Matthias Schulze, Prenzlauer Weg 6, 64331 Weiterstadt, Germany; e-mail: service[at]matthias-schulze-elektronik.de.

Consequences of Cancellation

If a cancellation takes effect, the services rendered to both parties must be repaid, and any revenue drawn (e.g. interest) must be restored. Goods which can be sent by post may be returned at our cost and risk. Goods which cannot be sent by post will be collected from the customer. You must fulfil your obligation to refund payments within a period of thirty days after despatch of your declaration of cancellation. Please prepay any parcel sufficiently. We will reimbourse postal charges immediately.

Yours - Matthias Schulze

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